David Paige Announces Run for State Rep

June 3, 2022

Today, David Paige (D-Conway) announced his candidacy for New Hampshire House District Carroll-01, serving Conway. “I’m thrilled to be running alongside fellow Democrats Tom Buco and Steve Woodcock,” said Paige in announcing his candidacy for one of three Conway seats up for election.

Paige, the former chair and treasurer of the Conway Public Library and a current trustee of Northeast Woodland Chartered Public School, is a working dad raising his young kids on his family homestead on the West Side. “I’m running to bring the perspective of a working parent to Concord,” said Paige. “And to help put a stop to the hurtful legislation we are seeing coming out of the current leadership. I felt particularly compelled to run due to recent restrictions on women’s reproductive rights, bills that put the lives of trans kids at risk, and laws that tie teachers’ hands when exploring important history with their students.”

In addition to his local public service, Paige has held national leadership roles within the American Library Association, including serving as a division President in 2020–2021. In this role, Paige worked with partners around the country to support libraries targeted by censorship campaigns directed at LGBTQ, Black, and other minoritized groups. Today, he continues this work serving on a steering committee shaping the national response to America’s escalating crisis of book banning.

Paige, who currently works for London-based Bloomsbury Publishing, has local roots going back generations. “It’s a privilege to be able to raise my kids in this beautiful Valley in a home where I have such incredible memories,” said Paige. He and his husband William Abbott live in his 10th generation homestead, where his grandparents Frank and Carol Kennett lived during his childhood. “My grandparents used to give back to this community every day, and as I raise my own kids here, I want to honor my grandparents’ commitment by continuing that tradition of service. I also think it’s incredibly important to provide a voice for working families who are so underrepresented in Concord and to stand up against the injustice and bigotry we are seeing. I look forward to the opportunity to serve my friends and neighbors in Conway.”