Stand up for working families

Our campaign believes:

  • The future of our Valley hinges on tackling the affordable housing crisis head-on.
  • A minimum wage should be a living wage.
  • Working people deserve paid family and medical leave, including parental leave.
  • Affordable health care, including reproductive care, is a human right.

Stand up for kids

Our campaign believes:

  • All children deserve access to high-quality, affordable, and sustainable early childhood education, regardless of their caregivers’ income.
  • Gay, trans, and non-binary children are entitled to an environment free from discrimination and harassment and to see their lived experiences reflected in the curriculum.
  • Preserving our climate and natural resources for future generations is a moral imperative for our times.

Stand up for education

Our campaign believes:

  • Schools need adequate funding to compensate teachers like the highly trained and hard-working professionals they are, and to attract new teachers into the profession.
  • Diverse perspectives, including those of marginalized groups, should be freely explored in keeping with schools’ democratic mission—not censored as “divisive concepts.”
  • The unprecedented assault on education through book banning and the censorship of instructional materials is deeply antithetical to students’ First Amendment rights.
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