Endorsement Recognizes Commitment to Voting Rights

July 18, 2022

Great news: our campaign has been endorsed by the Progressive Turnout Project! 

The Progressive Turnout Project’s endorsements recognize candidates committed to protecting ballot access for all—the cornerstone of preserving a thriving, representative democracy. I’m committed to defending the voting rights of all Granite Staters and proud to accept this endorsement.

But wait… there’s more! As an endorsed candidate, the Progressive Turnout Project will be providing our campaign assistance for a Get Out the Vote effort in the lead up to November’s election. This in-kind support will provide our campaign with a “fellow”—a critical extra set of hands when we’ll need it most.

Thank you to the Progressive Turnout Project for their support! 

And if you want to join us in our Get Out the Vote effort too, don’t forget to sign up by clicking the button below.