Rep. Paige’s Casino Bill Passes House

Rep. Paige debates on the House floor to give municipalities choice regarding hosting casinos.

CONCORD — A bill to allow towns to choose whether or not to allow charitable gaming casinos passed the House Thursday. The bill was co-sponsored by Rep. David Paige (D-Conway).

Dick Anagnost of Bedford and partner Stefan Huba are seeking to turn the former Tiney’s Grocery in Conway into a sports restaurant with table games and electronic machines called Revo. The developers hope to start construction in the spring.

Paige sponsored HB 1223 with David Rochefort (R-Littleton). Littleton is also getting a casino.

The bill passed 282-86.

The vote wasn’t conducted by roll call so names of who voted for or against is not on record.

Speaking on the floor of the House, Paige said the town of Conway has declined to allow keno multiple times, most recently in 2023, when 75 percent of voters turned it down. “It is a striking and consistent message from voters,” he stated. “Yet paradoxically, my constituents find themselves facing a situation where the decision as to whether or not our town should host a casino is out of their hands. It’s absurd: the idea that while we can repeatedly exercise our statutory right to refuse keno, we have no say in whether a casino sets up shop in our backyard.”

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